Jeffery cornelison, PhD

Jeffery Cornelison, PhD
Patent Agent
McNeill Baur PLLC
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Milwaukee, WI 53202

Utilizing an in-depth understanding of your invention to prepare and protect your patent rights

Jeffery L. Cornelison, PhD, specializes in the global prosecution of chemical and pharmaceutical patents. Jeffery also has experience in performing patentability and freedom-to-operate analyses as well as assisting in due diligence investigations.

While pursuing his PhD at Emory University, Jeffery prepared complex drug candidate compounds using cutting-edge chemical synthesis techniques, including photoredox, organometallic cross-coupling, and peptide synthesis techniques. He also worked closely with a diverse team of assay specialists, geneticists, and X-ray crystallographers to create a collaborative environment with shared ambitions for the project. Jeffery continues to use this cooperative spirit and experience across multiple fields of chemistry and biology to prosecute patents with the broader context of client goals in mind.

Prior to joining McNeill Baur PLLC, Jeffery worked as a technical specialist and patent agent at Knowles Intellectual Property Strategies and Hamilton Brook Smith & Reynolds, where he gained experience in patent drafting, prosecution, and prior art searching.


Select Publications

Differential Modulation of Nuclear Receptor LRH-1 through Targeting Buried and Surface Regions of the Binding Pocket,” Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 65(9), 6888-6902 (2022) (coauthor).

“Development of a New Class of Liver Receptor Homolog-1 (LRH-1) Agonists by Photoredox Conjugate Addition,” Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 30(16), 127293 (2020) (coauthor).

“Development of the First Low Nanomolar Liver Receptor Homolog-1 Agonist through Structure-guided Design,” Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 62(24), 11022-11034 (2019) (coauthor).


US Patent and Trademark Office



Emory University

PhD, Chemistry, 2020


Duke University

BS, Chemistry, concentration in chemical biology, 2016