donna raaymakers

Donna Raaymakers
Patent Prosecution Coordinator
McNeill Baur PLLC                                    1433 N. Water Street
Suite 400
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Donna Raaymakers supports the attorneys and clients of McNeill Baur PLLC as a Patent Prosecution Coordinator. With more than 25 years in intellectual property law, Donna has extensive experience managing complex US and foreign patent filings and prosecution.

In her current role, Donna assists the attorneys of McNeill Baur by: 

  • docketing and reporting incoming USPTO and international correspondence;
  • preparing and filing documents at the USPTO;
  • preparing and managing PCT application filings;
  • preparing formal documents, coordinating proper legalization of documents for international filings, and communicating with foreign counsel;
  • maintaining complete and accurate electronic files; and
  • corresponding with clients and foreign counsel regarding deadlines and status of applications.

Donna has earned a number of professional certifications, including Professional Paralegal Certification, Accredited Legal Professional Certification, Law Office Management Specialty Certification, and Intellectual Property Law Specialty Certification. 

Donna is a member of the Grand Rapids Intellectual Property Women's Forum and the National Association of Legal Support Professionals. 

Leadership Roles

National Association of Legal Support Professionals (NALS) Editorial Board (2024-present)


Chairperson, NALS Welcoming Committee (2022-2024)


NALS Membership Committee (2021-2022)


NALS Governance Task Force (2020-2021)


Chairperson, NALS Community Service Committee (2019-2020)


NALS Legal Education Conference Planning Committee (2017)